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sorry For什么意思

sorry for 为…而遗憾例句:He was sorry for her and tried to cheer her up.他为她感到难过,并试图使她振作起来.I'm extremely sorry for that.我为此非常抱歉.I'm dreadfully sorry for you.我非常为你惋惜.

sorry for后面加失误的原因,一般加短语,sorry about后面加失误的事情,后面可以加句子,也可以加短语,可以混用

be sorry for 英[bi: sri f:]美[bi sri fr][释义] 为…感到难过,歉疚;[网络] 歉疚; 为某事道歉;[例句]If you follow this advice, within a few generations, people will never have to feel sorry for poor little beggar children again, because there won't be any!如果你遵照这一忠告,只要几个世代,人们就再也不会为小乞丐心怀歉疚了,因为再也不会有这样的孩子.

feel sorry for 感到抱歉 feel sorry for [英][fi:l sri f:][美][fil sri fr] 同情; 双语例句 1 A tramp may ask you for money, but he will never ask you to feel sorry for him.一个流浪汉可能向你讨钱,但他决不要你同情他.2 As one of them vowed to me afterward: “ I will never feel sorry for myself again. ” 会后,其中一位对我发誓说:“我再也不会顾影自怜了.”



sorry adj. [作表语用]觉得难过的, 懊悔的, 抱歉的, 遗憾的, 惋惜的(for, to do, that) [作定语用]可怜的, 悲惨的; 蹩脚的, 价值不大的; 糟糕的 in a sorry state 处在可怜的境地中 a sorry excuse 理由不充分的借口 in sorry clothes 衣衫褴褛

sorry to do sth sorry for sth/doing sth

对某事感到抱歉 专业回答



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