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1.Candy will move to New York, and we will miss her. 2.I will not take my son to the Park tomorrow, for it will rain then. 3.I have lived here since I came to Fuzhou. 4.I have not seen her for 3 days. 5.She does not look beautiful. Yes, she is not beautiful. 6.Can you bring the book to school tomorrow?

import 是jsp 中 page 指令的一个属性, 也是唯一一个可以多次出现的. import 语句是 导相应的java包

它全部的含义需要一段时间才能为人们所理解.sink in 被理解 被了解the full import 主语 may 情态动词 后接动词原形 take a while to sink in 动词不定式表目的

Friendship is very impotrant for me. You can talk to your friends when you are upset. Sharing your happiness with friends can make life easier. Whenever you have problems, friends are you best choice

significant: 指某事物由于特别优秀或特别有意义而显得重要与突出.The question under discussion is significant. adj. 讨论中的问题是重要的 important: 最普通用词,指有权威、有影响的人或值得注意的、有价值的事物.History chronicles

这表示是指令,主要用来提供整个JSP 网页相关的信息,并且用来设定JSP网页的相关属性,language 表示语言是Javaimport 表示要导入的java包pageEncoding表示页面编码是gbk

Eating too much meat is not good to you on the Internet for to drink to become vegetables are not eating 还是看这个吧: Eating too much meat helps little to you Shirley likes chatting with her friends on the internet It's very impotran for us to drink

1.Eat too much ,is harmful to 2.in the internet 3.to , that drink 4.to be 5.vegetables,few eat, eat


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