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creatively英[kr'etvl] 美[kretvl]adv. 创造性地,有创造力地[例句]The cuts may force states to think creatively.经费削减也许会迫使各州创造性地思考问题.

答案是: kate is very tall 凯特给自非常高 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

a creative creator is able to creatively createnew creations是一个完整的句子,主谓宾齐全而using his creativity中using是use的现在分词作方式状语,相当于一个方式状语从句

what is mentioned above 宾语从句作介宾. unless you are in chongqing.条件状语从句. 句意: 除了上面所提到的之外,骑自行车还是环城旅游的最佳方式之一,除非你在重庆.

In most schools,exams is used as a chief means of deciding whether a student a student is driven to memorize mechanically rather than to think creatively.In fact,few of us


优秀范文(原文)Safety has become the focus to us all. How to be safe at school is especially important to us students. First, we should take care not to get ourselves injured

The job needs some creative imagination.creation n. 创造,创作;创作物,产物creative adj. 创造性的creatively adv. 创造性地;有创造力地这里需要形容词修饰imagination n. [心理] 想象力;空想;幻想物

We all have some level of creativity within us. As with other activities, We can teach ourself to be more creative. Sometimes creative thinking requires us to look at things from new perspectives. Learn to unleash our inventive genius by thinking

carry the cross 意思:带着十字架词汇解释carry 英 [kri] 美 [kri] vt.携带;支撑;输送;运载vt.& vi.运送;搬运;具有vi.(文学、戏剧等)对读者;扔(或踢)到…距离;(马等)具有某种姿势;传得很远n.(枪炮、火箭等的)射程;运输,运送例句:He was carrying a briefcase 他提着公文包.cross 英 [krs] 美 [kr:s] n.十字架;十字形饰物;杂交品种;痛苦vi.交错而行;横渡;越境vt.杂交;横跨,穿越;划掉;使相交adj.坏脾气的, 易怒的;相反的,反向的例句:Christ died on the cross. 耶稣死在十字架上.



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