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歌名:《burning》燃烧歌手:Maria Arredondo发行时间:2004年9月专辑:《Not Going Under》歌词: Passion is sweet 激情如此甜蜜 Love makes weak 奈何眷恋带来软弱 You said you cherished freedom so 你曾说自由至上 You refuse to let it

Burn Alkaline Trio纪念我的朋克岁月 教哥There's a lightning storm each and every nightCrashing inside you like motorbikesWe toss and turn, sleep so loudGrind the teeth in our empty mouthsOur emptyThere's a forest fire burning brightSpreading

[ar:maria arre][al:burning cds 普特英语娱乐新天地]歌名:burning歌手:maria arre专辑:burning cds 普特英语娱乐新天地maria arre - burning燃烧.passion is sweet【激情如此甜蜜.】love makes weak 【爱情使得无力.】you said you cherished

t get enough 噢我却无法满足i said i wouldn't ask for much 曾答应不再向你索取but your eyes are dangerous 然而你的眼神摄人心魄so the thought keeps spinning in my head 对你的思念挥之不去can we drop this masquerade我们可否坦诚相对i can

歌手名:Maria Arredondo专辑名:not going underMaria Arredondo-Burning 制作:魅感蔓延(海南琼中)QQ:32791311assion is sweet激情令人幸福Love makes weak爱情令人脆弱You said you cherished freedom 你曾说过自由至上so You

Passion is sweet Love makes weak You said you cherished freedom so You refuse to let it go Follow your fate Love and hate Never fail to seize the day But dont give yourself away . Oh when the night falls And your all alone In your deepest sleep what

burning歌曲原唱:Maria ArredondoPassion is sweet激情是甜蜜的Love makes weak爱却带来脆弱You said you cherished freedom你曾说自由至上so You refuse to let it go因此你不愿被束缚Follow your fate跟随你的命运Love and hate爱恨情仇

[00:08.50]Passion is sweet 激情是甜蜜的 [00:11.00]Love makes weak 爱却带来脆弱 [00:12.69]You said you cherished freedom so 你曾说自由至上 [00:16.49]You refuse to let it go 因此你不愿被束缚 [00:19.98] [00:21.82]Follow your fate 跟随你的命

Monrose - BurningBig city life, big city nightIn the middle of cars and lightsYou came, made everything rightWith a touch of loveDidn't really wanna let you inTook a time to get under my skinWanna see you again and againAnd now I'm all shook

Burning - Maria Arredondo Passion is sweet强烈的感情是甜蜜的 Love makes weak 而爱使我们脆弱 You said you cherished freedom so你说你珍惜你的自由 You refuse to let it go所以你拒绝丢失它 Follow your fate跟随你的命运 Love and hate不


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