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sexy backjustin timberlake的歌词i'm bringing sexy backthem other boys don't know how to acti think it's specialwhat's behind your backso turn around and i'll pick up the slacktake'em to the bridgedirty babeyou see these shackles baby i'm your slavei

Just do one dance

burnin up - jonas brother Joe: I'm hot You're cold You go around Like you know Who I am But you don't You got me on my toes Nick: I'm slipping into the lava And I'm tryin' to keep from going under Baby, who turn the temperature hotter Cuz I'm

歌曲名:Burning Up歌手:Madonna专辑:CelebrationDon't put me off 'cause I'm on fireAnd I can't quench my desireDon't you know thatI'm burning up for your loveYou're not convinced that that is enoughI put myself in this positionAnd I deserve

是burning 吧? Passion is sweet激情令人幸福 Love makes weak爱情令人脆弱 You said you cherished freedom 你曾说过自由至上 so You refuse to let it go 因此你不愿被束缚 Follow your fate 命中注定 Love and hate 爱恨情仇 Never fail to seize

2008-08-12 burning up:烧毁、(火、火焰)烧的更亮(更旺)

buringMaria ArredondoPassion is sweet激情令人幸福Love makes weak爱情令人脆弱You said you cherished freedom so你曾说过自由至上You refuse to let it go因此你不愿被束缚Follow your fate命中注定Love and hate爱恨情仇Never fail to seize

Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix) (Feat.THANH)This an emotion between a man and a womandon't wanna calculate it, don't wanna regulate itIf I knew the true love was like this, I can't be sure if I'd have tried itAll I feel is anger. and the danger. =

醉清风 稻香 不能说的秘密 爱我别走 其实我介意 小故事



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