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benefactor 英 [benfkt(r)] 美 [bnfkt] n.恩人;捐助者;施主,复数: benefactors 再看看别人怎么说的.


donator是泛指捐赠者benefactor 尤指学校,医院或慈善机构的捐助人.例: This orphanage has many benefactors. 这所孤儿院有许多施主.感谢众多捐助者的帮助:Thank you for all the benefactors' help and kindness.赞助是sponsored.其实感谢的话,我觉得不必强调是谁, 简单说Thank you for your kindness and help.或thank you so much.就好了.

是不是:anonymous ['nnims] adj.1. 匿名的;无名的,姓氏不明的,作者不明(或不详)的2. 出自无名氏之手的,匿名者送(或写)的;不具名的;来源不明的3. 缺乏(或无)个性特征的,无特色的;分不清谁是谁(或什么是什么)的例

book are our friend ! Though he is serious in appearance, he never fails to be and the words of all the great poets and philosophers. A kindly benefactor(施主), he is

Teachers let me into the house, then followed himself in, closed the door. He looked with interest, when looked at. He had me from behind and gently holding his waist. At this point, I will face my Hemi posted on the back of generous teacher. I have



弥补, 赔偿, 配制, 包装, 编辑, 虚构, 缝制, 组成, 和解, 结算, 整理, 化装



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