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7:15 a quarter past seven;1:20 one twenty / twenty past one;2:40 two fourty / twenty to three ; 10:45 a quarter to eleven;6:50 six fifty / ten to seven.

7:45 : seven forty five / a quarter to eight 6:30 : six thiry / half past six 2:15 : two fifteen / a quarter past two 8:45 : eight forty five / a quarter to nine

顺读法:10:30 ten thirty11:45 eleven forty-five7:10 seven ten7:38 seven thirty-eight4:18 four eighteen7:06 seven six8:30 eight thirty11:50 eleven fifty6:44 six forty-four18:08 eighteen eight逆读法:10:30 half past ten11:45 a quarter to twelve7:10 ten

1) 2:15 a quarter past two 2)4:40 twenty to four 3)4:50 ten to four 4)16:10 ten past sixteen 5)7:30 half past seven 6)11:45 a quarter to twelve

6:50 ten minutes to seven7:10 ten past seven / ten after seven8:15 a quarter past eight / a quarter after eight9:20 twenty minutes past/after nine10:25 twenty-five minutes past/after ten11:30 half past eleven2:45 a quarter to three1:50 ten (minutes)

英语40到50怎么读?中文:从四十到五十.中译英:From forty to fifty.中文:从40到50.中译英:From 40 to 50.

两种写法1.顺读法:seven ten2.逆读法:ten past seven 满意请采纳,谢谢

7:15fifteen past seven 或 a quarter past seven10:30half past ten1:45a quarter to two2:50ten to three5:05five past five

其实我也不太会,但是可以告诉你9:55 nine fifty-five, five to ten11:45 eleven forty-five, a quarter to twelve12:30 twelve thirty, half past twelve1:15 one fifteen, a quarter past one2:20 two twenty, twenty past two4:15 four fifteen, a quarter past four



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