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2016.5.7翻译成英语On May 7, 2016

two fourty-five,3 quarters to threethree o clock,threetwo twenty-fivenine forty,twenty to ten

2016年会更好翻译Better than 2016

June 11, 2016 --15 day

这是我2016年的年终奖this is my end of the year award in 2016

~The happiness of a three-member-family dates from xx (月) xx (日), 2016~A happy three-member-family (或者 A happy family of three members began on xx (月) xx (日), 2016

五年后我将是一名大学生 five years later i will be a college student

Because it's our first corporation,you can get it cheaper. One hundred and twenty yuan each!

(Someone is) listed as one of the 100 Most Influential People by (the American news magazine) TIME.注意:100 Most Influential People 是时代杂志"100位全世界最具有影响力人物"的官方名称,不能更改.括号内为可有可无.

Today is Thursday Feburary 25th ,2016


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