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给你一篇吧 I want to be a star Do I want to be famous? Yes, of course. There is no one would not want to be famous. When I was a kid, I always dreamed of being a top star and everyone would clap and cheer for me. Then I realised it will not come

I want to become a star

Advantages and disadvantages of being famous (being a star) 成名的好与坏:Advantages: 好处:1.Sufficient money and material 充足的金钱和物质2. Free stuff that you can take it for granted 免费的东西可以理所当然的获得3. Hot guys or hot

Every one has his/her own dream.Some people dream to write great composition in English,I also have my own dream,not just a great English composition.Some of my friends' dream is to be a scientist,so that he could do a great effort to

Michael Jordan: Basketballs Legend Introduction There have been many great players of the game, some whose names are heard all around the world, others who are talked about every blue moon, but one name that will be heard where ever you go

if i was a superstar, i would be very happy. when i am a superstar, i could bring happiness to many people. i will make my fans happy by having the best performance at everything i do. if my fans are happy, i will be happy. when i earned a lot of

I want to become a star .你好! 有疑问可追问; 如果帮到你,请及时采纳.Have a good day !

I have a dream.I want to be a actor(actress女演员)when I grow up.Why am I want to be a actor?Because in the future,the actor maybe is a popular job.And I think this job is very good for me.It can make me become braver.But if you want to be a actor ,

My favorite band EXO is a Korean Boy Band. There are 12 members in total and equally divided into to bands, EXO-M which stands for EXO-Mandarin, and EXO-K which stands for EXO-Korean. They are two bands when seperate and one whole

Tina:How I wish I can be a female shinning star like Angelababy?How about you?It's very amazing.Joanna:Yes,a star can be loved by a wide speard of people.Jimmy:I desire to be a star as well because I can make a lot of money or maybe I 'll be the


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