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Pete Conrad,第三个在月球上行走(而且是第一个在月球上跌倒)的人,学到了这种转变可以出现得多么地快速.

The success of the process A person want to be successful is not a simple matter, but success is not born and most is to rely on the cultivation of the day after tomorrow. So, what is the secret of success? First of all, bold imagination is the

我的爱(My love) 在世界里,你可能是只是一个人,但对我来说,你就是世界(To the world ,you may be one person,but to me ,you must be my whole world!) 我爱你不是因为你是谁,而是因为当我跟你在一起的时候我会是谁(i love you not because of who you are but because of who I am when I am with you .) 我爱你多过我的生命,我也喜欢被你爱(I love you more than life and I love to be loved by you))

1.wear my school uniform 2.play computer games 3.have a violin class 4.brush the teeth 5.ride a motobike 6.be angry 7.fail the test 8.call sb. up 9.exercise the P.E. 10.on the way of get to school 11.grade four 12.have a look 13.write to 14.between……and 15.true

1--We must try our best to bite the bullet and do a thing, Otherwise, we will achieve nothing 2--I always want to fight 3--From the beggar towards leaders

为你 天使(这里应该是写信) 这些天我的世界充满欢乐,从深处膨胀的欢乐(这里应该是内心深处的意思),被(我所知道的你)你滋润(这里不是说你的知识,而是他所拥有的知识所知道的你,很不好解释)

I used to be poor in English. I only knew a few simple words. And I thought of giving up English. But since I went to school, I have improved my English greatly. I'm so grateful to my teachers.I'm much happier now as I keep making progress in

The beginning of foundation of young people need to gain confidence, they should start from the minor matter, gradually becoming bigger and stronger. 2 it is that their pioneering spirit won the indians in the love and respect

My heart will go on!的意思是:我心永恒.

Go straight along the road, turn left at the second intersection, you'll find it. Starting from the park along the street straight ahead at the first crossroads next to the square, in the square opposite the cinema一定要采纳哦.谢谢谢谢谢谢谢谢十分感谢有疑问就问哦忠心为你回答


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