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听(香橙味)(葡萄味)(芒果味)(草莓味)(喜庆米汁)雪碧/可乐雪碧/可乐(大)汇源大橙汁王老吉旺仔牛奶 Sirloin steakSecret system of bovine meatSecret system of RibsSecret system for beefBaconDelicious pig gristleGreat barbecue

Shredded pork rice pickle brine aromatic duck Jane rice Taipei lurou rice GongMen cook the meal to braise in soy sauce a big row rice halogen spicy chicken leg rice Nutrition package dumplings very LuWei of beauty The sparerib soup + green


红油抄手(大) Wontons in a Spicy Chili Oil Sauce (L)红油抄手(小) Wontons in a Spicy Chili Oil Sauce (S)原汤抄手(大) Wontons in Soup (L)原汤抄手(小) Wontons in Soup (S)羊汤抄手(大) Wontons in Mutton Soup (L)羊汤抄手(小)

i can't understand what you mean, u want me to help you to write the menu or what? please explain more. are you mean by"can i have one more menu in english please, it's better that if it has the chinese subtitle within"

Preserved eggs, peanuts, hard Ju Cucumber pig ears The youngest sample Peanut Spinach Lily mushroom with cucumber Peanuts Cumin lamb Onion Explodes the lamb Pepper broth Fried loin Left belly Sweet and Sour Pork Slip the meat section

北京市餐饮业菜单英文译法:西餐类 北京市民讲外语活动组委会 西餐 (Western Food)头盘及沙拉类1 腌熏三文鱼 Smoked Salmon 2 腌三文鱼 Marinated Salmon with Lemon and Capers 3 凯撒沙拉 Caesar Salad 4 鲜蘑鸡肝批 Chicken Liver


(West toast) (chestnut cake) (slip Jiyu) (plain porridge) (Dousha Bao) (Nan juice cake pig intestines) (rape) (corn cakes) (Xuecai pork rice noodle soup) (Tang Kok skin) (Cereal fresh milk) (West lettuce salad) (ham and onion omelette) (scrambled

Problem complement: SaladFruit platterFruit saladVegetable saladChicken Caesar saladIce Cream every Ice Cream ball (1)soupborschtAromatic potato and bacon soupMr. HamburgerChicken burgerBeef burgerMexico chicken bookBeef


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