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定语从句练习 1.The place _______interested me most was the Children's Palace. A. Which B. where C. what D. in which 2.Do you know the man _______? A. whom I spoke B. to who spoke C. I spoke to D. that I spoke 3.This is the hotel _______

she is beautiful girl ___is my sisterthis is my book _____cost me 30yuan第一题填who修饰人第2题,用which 或 that

1,He came back late, ( )which time all the guests had already left. a.after b.by c.at d.during b 到 2,Is there anything ( )you want to buy in the shop? a,what b, that c.which d.as b先行词是不定代词anything用关系代词that引导 3,This is the best

1. A. which (替代先行词 place 在定语从句中作为主语)2. C. I spoke to (关系词 whom/that 被省略)3. D. where they stayed (at which 也行 stay at)4. B. that (in which 也行

1. Is this museum ___ you visited a few days age? A. where B. that C. on which D. the one 2. Is this the museum ____ the exhibition was held. A. where B. that C. on which D. the one 答案:1 D,2 A 1变为肯定句: This museum is ___ you visited a

定语从句的关键是什么, in which.. as the same, when , where;.而which不能位于句首.11. as 可以用于哪些结构中引导定语从句?【适合于高二:Ill never forget the Sunday (that) you first arrived.Do you know anywhere (that) I can get a drink . ⑵

问题不太清楚,“定语从句的练习题”是单项选择题吗?是关于那几个引导词选择的?如果是这样的话,1.The distance ( )light travels in one second is 3,000,000 kilonetres.A.that B.at which C.by which D.in which2.A

不能,因为当先行词受到 such 的修饰时,其后的定语从句应用关系代词 as 来引导,而不用that.比较下面一题,答案为A,因为 like 后有自己的宾语 him:

定语从句(高考试题精选)专项练习1. Is there a bar around _____I can have something to eat?A. that B. what C. which D. where2. The house, _____ was destroyed in the terrible fire, has been repaired. A. the roof of which B. which roof C. its roof D

高考定语从句考试题及答案 1. I don't like___you speak to her. (1996上海) A. the way B. the way in that C. the way which D. the way of which 2. All of the flowers now raised here have developed from those ___in the forest. (1997上海) A. once they


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